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Wellness Check 6/18/2021

Wellness Check 6/18/2021

Jun 18, 2021

I had something else planned for today, I changed to something else. But in my mood nothing felt right. I thought about pushing through with my original idea and just leaving my own emotions out of this but that felt like cheating. I mentioned the other day that I do these things because I don't want you to feel the pain I feel and I want you to find love and acceptance. So when I wasn't in the mood to write about my original topic, I realized something.

These Wellness Checks are for me too, they have always been for me. They are my subconscious mind trying to yell at this sad asshole sitting at a keyboard to get off his lazy ass and be the person he wants to be and stop dreaming about it. I think that's why it hits so hard every time I see people comment or DM me about how much they appreciate what I do. It reminds me that a lot of us are the same, are struggling with all sorts of issues. It means that maybe I'm not alone in the constant maelstrom of madness that is my mind.

What hurts right now in my life is complicated and weird and frankly stuff I'm probably never going to explain. So I love it when people check in on me, and so I want to try and always check in on you, make sure you know you aren't alone. I want you to do the same to your friends. Set aside your anger and your rage, just put it down for a minute and try to reach out and connect with someone (in an appropriate way, if any of you DM someone unsolicited and be a creep and try and blame me...mmm you better be a fast runner) and let them know you care. Don't fight with each other, stop making each other into villains. I love all of you and I want you to love you too. But also I want you to love each other, and if you can't stand someone, quietly mute or block them, don't go after them and pick on them, if it's reached a point where you are going to yell at each other, you're probably going to block them anyways and you'll learn to move on in a week or two.

Unless it's a creep, sexual harasser, racist, pedophile, anything on those lines: You report their ass and blast the receipts all over twitter, let me know I'll help you.

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