I missed yesterday. Yesterday was the third day of the trip, the final long day in the car.

1 year old was up every hour of the night and was keeping me and my parter awake. 8 year old was feeling off mostly seems like allergy due to a new part of the country. 1 year old had their first giant poop.

We drove for an hour. 8 spits up a little we pull over he says he's fine, change give him some benadryl. Get back on road, two minutes later 8 throws up everything all over back seat. Thank god he doesn't get 1 covered.

Pull over spend 30 minutes cleaning him and his seat and all the stuff around his seat. Back on road. 30 minutes later 1 has giant poop, leaking outnof his diaper. Pull over 15 minutes cleaning that. Back on road, 5 minutes later partner needs to pee, pull over...

Less than 3 hours and we've stopped 3 times. We're now an hour and a half behind schedule. Drive pretty hard for 3 hours, get into California. Road construction causing slow downs going to add 40 minutes to trip, take alternative route. Later entire section of interstate closed due to bushfire, hour detour through mountains.

So my wellness check today is this:

If someone suggest driving 3 days from Austin to San Diego with a 1 year old and an 8 year old because you'll need a car once there, tell them fuck that shit and get on a plane.

Stay hydrated, keep dreaming.