Okay I am several days behind on these, because vacation, to be honest this is the first time I've opened my laptop on the trip, so over a week without a computer. My phone I can write these on but it's kind of hard and I am more prone to mistakes and it's tiring.

Anyways I hope everyone is doing fantastic and doing well, I'm trying to keep up but I am going to miss stuff. Let's get to today's topic:

Crying. It's something that everyone does in their life. First as babies, then as children, often times later in times of deep emotional distress, or deep emotional joy. For some of us it comes easier than for others. But for many people, often men but women too, we're taught to not cry.

Taught is the wrong word. Browbeatened and bullied into not crying. We're told to grow up, man up, be tough, not to show emotions. This is a byproduct of patriarchal masculinity. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with healthy masculinity, but our society has somehow translated on masculity as meaning no emotions that aren't anger, and no expressions of it that aren't yelling.

I know that some people who were taught this have overcome it and learned to cry. For me personally crying is not something that comes easily or even forced. This is learned behavior, to not show weakness in front of other people, to keep it inside. Even in private I don't cry even when I am super upset.

In fact I know the last time I cried, two years ago, and it was "justified" in my mind. I had lost something important and can never get it back. Even after that I still can't cry when upset. It's something I think we need to work on.

Crying lets us get out emotions and not let them bottle them up. A lot of us are taught to bottle up our emotions until it explodes out of us, but I think something we can do is learn to cry, not at every little thing, but learning to cry when it's a bit much and having controlled release of our emotions. Take that time to let it out and work through what's causing you those emotions.

Stay hydrated, keep dreaming.