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Wellness Check 8/9/2021

Wellness Check 8/9/2021

Aug 09, 2021

You are not perfect. You never will be. You are a weirdo, you are odd, you have quirks, you're have faults, you are flawed.

It is your flaws that make you amazing.

It means you are a human being, more importantly it means you are a wonderful interesting human being. If you were perfect you'd be boring. It is your imperfections that give you the ability to see the world in your own unique way. The problems and scars you bare have shaped your thoughts to be creative. If you were perfect you'd have no mistakes, so you'd have no stories to tell, no lessons learned or to teach.

Flaws are what make us writers or artist or musicians. We pull on our pain and weirdness to see the world in a world that is different so we can make something better for the world, to give it some beauty in the darkness.

It's why Mary Sue characters are (usually) so boring. They have no flaws, are instantly the best at everything and there's no real conflict. Lack of personal issues doesn't make for a well rounded interesting person.

You're going to notice your flaws more than anyone. Somedays it's harder to put up with them. I guess getting tired of one's self is a quirk in and of itself. That's okay, your struggle is going to give you perspective, make you think, grow, and create.

I think your "flaws" are fantastic. I think they are what make you you. So be nice to yourself.

You're amazing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are my friend and I like you, you don't deserve meanness. So start doing better by my friend. I can't always be there for them, time and distance doesn't let me. But I'm leaving my friend in good hands: yours. Be kind to yourself for me. You're the best person I know for the job.

Stay hydrated, keep dreaming.

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