Female body creation - Part 5

Female body creation - Part 5

Oct 06, 2023

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After modelling Smuzhka Raccoon it's a time to return to my female body project.

I did some job on the feet, joining fingers with the main part, also did a lot of tweaking here and there:

Previously the ankle joint was bigger and the lower parts of the shins were thicker. It was visually pleasing to me, but after I checked the diameter of the ankle joint and realized it's 3 cm, I understood it's too much and she won't fit into most of the doll boots of her size.

So I reduced the ankle joint to 25 mm, and also I had to reduce the foot from 8 cm to 7.5 cm long accordingly, otherwise the joint was too small in comparison to the foot.

But a smaller feet bugged me somehow. After some thought I rescaled the foot back to 8 cm and decided to make the ankle joint to 27 mm in diameter.
I also changed the shape of the leg a bit making it thicker and more curvy. Worked on the knee as well.

Did a lot of work on the body, especially breasts and the rib cage.

I created a separate object for the nipples. Haven't decide on their size and placement yet.
Also I have an idea of nipples, cast apart from the body. Not every type of clothes looks great with protruding nipples, especially period costumes. I've seen a lot of dolls with nipples removed. So my idea is to give the owner "all those possibilities"...

I made the hip ball joints a bit bigger for a more smooth shapes, and made sure she sits properly:

Ankle joint will be added not to the foot, but to the shin.
It won't be completely round. I'm gonna define its final shape on a later stage:

Had to alter the shoulder sockets so she can raise her hands vertically:
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