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Making Smuzhka Raccoon in Blender: 2nd print and adjustments

Jul 05, 2023

I redid a certain things, like, made the walls of the parts and joint edges thicker. And I decided to print the head. Here they are:

My first mistakes: rotated the elbow joint to a very low angle and forgot to add support to the ankle joint, lol))

I deepened the wrinkles on the paws, so they look much better now.

Also I used Contact Shape in Chitubox as Sphere support tip instead of None, to get rid of dents after supports removal. So the support breaks off and the ball is still attached to the part. You can sand the ball off after curing.

This edge is still too thin, support broke off with a ball((

I don't like this stuff: there are bumps around the balls. That's a pity, because I rotated head back many times trying to find the best position. It looks like sagging issue, as big areas are horizontal.

But the insides are ideal, and my logo printed.

Dunno what are these, maybe the bubbles?

But I like the head!

The back is great, and no sagging.

Stay tuned!

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