But Where Are You Really From?: An Asian-American Struggle
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EP100 100 Reasons I Love You

Oct 07, 2022

Have you ever wondered if you could know your best friend even more deeply?

We're going to answer that question for you this week as we play 36 Questions to Fall in Love for our 100th episode celebration (we only had time to answer 20 though, lol!).

It's both incredible and humbling to have been doing our podcast for over 2.5 years. What started as a pandemic hobby has really grown into an amazing way for us to express ourselves and connect with a larger community.

The questions to fall in love cover a huge variety of topics, from warm ups like who you would like as a dinner guest to more thought-provoking ones like your best and worst memories.

If you think you know a lot about us, wait til you dive into this episode of juicy questions! What answer were you most surprised by?

Let us know in our comments what your thoughts are! Do you love us now, or love us more now?

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