But Where Are You Really From?: An Asian-American Struggle

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EP129 Ya Boy Was In Taiwan

Sep 08, 2023

Jesse recently went back to Taiwan for the first time since before the pandemic. Although for less than ideal reasons (the death of his grandfather), he was grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with his extended family back in the motherland.

We also hear about Jesse's shenanigans going out solo to experience LGBT nightlife in Taipei by himself, and what it was like finally being out to the majority of his family members. Across all of these experiences, we talk about the legendary friendliness of Taiwanese people, how much Jesse felt he "belonged" despite being an American-born kid with imperfect Mandarin, and also the refreshing ease of being of the majority population (as opposed to our experience as minorities in the US).

How about you listeners? What was your most memorable trip back to the motherland and what about it stood out to you? Let us know in the comments!

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