We know, we know, we're late in discussing Squid Game... but we still think it's a worthwhile topic to discuss because of all the different levels of influence the show has had on making "foreign" content mainstream for a global audience.

We speculate on why we think it was such a runaway success and why it resonated with so many people across all different global/cultural backgrounds despite similarities with existing other shows/movies (i.e., Alice in Borderland, Hunger Games, Hostel), the hotties in the show and their impact on elevating Asian men's attractiveness in the eyes of non-Asian viewers, the ways the show broke stereotypes or the presiding societal narrative, and much more. 

If you're still shaking trying to carve out the shape in your dalgona candy, strap yourself in and join us in this conversation on Squid Game and the (hopefully) positive impact it'll continue to have on Asian and multi-lingual/multi-cultural content in the future!