EP70 Different Kind of Special K

Dec 17, 2021

Have you ever tried special K? And no, we're not talking about the cereal!   

Growing up, we've been told in many ways that drugs are inherently dangerous and harmful. But having experienced some substances first hand, we've come to the conclusion that some drugs can actually be beneficial. Some can help you deal with trauma, while others can just add more fun to your weekend.   

So why are all drugs so maligned?   

In this episode, we explore why we think drugs have such a bad rap. We evaluate our own experiences with substances, and we also discuss inequity in access and possession of substances that have healing potential. As we explore what a positive and nurturing relationship with certain drugs might look like, we also discuss ways that previously taboo substances might find a healthy purpose in the current society.   

Disclaimer: we're well aware that not all drugs are good, and we spend time discussing ones that have been detrimental to society and have added fuel to the fire in the ongoing war against drugs.

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