Let it s-NO, let it s-NO, let it s-NO! The holidays are here but cheer is somewhat missing! 

The holiday season has always been a mixed bag for us. There's so much being thrown at you about how to feel, what you should be doing, and the enjoyment you should be having. The reality is that many people might not be feeling the holiday glow. And feeling apart from that can make the season's greetings more of a  "f*ck you" than "happy holidays."

So why do the holidays exert such an emotional pull on us?

In this episode, we explore why the holidays can make us feel lonely and othered. We take a look at how we've spent holidays traditionally and compare it to how we're told the holiday experience should be. While we discuss the darker side of the holidays, we also unpack how our own desires and reactions feed into the negativity the holidays can sometimes bring.