EP72 Extreme Makeover: Meditation Editio ...

EP72 Extreme Makeover: Meditation Edition

Dec 31, 2021

What do we find when we quiet the mind and look inside ourselves?   

With so much hustle and bustle on the daily, it's hard to take time and really listen to our inner selves. But once you do get in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings, what do you do? Co-host Angela returns from a ten-day silent meditation retreat to help answer this question.   

What does a silent meditation retreat even entail?   

In this episode, we interview Angela on her silent meditation journey (specifically, through the "Vipassana" meditation practice). From what the retreat grounds were like to the experience of complete silence and observing the self, we dig into how silent meditation helps to calm and control the mind. We unpack the different ways that silent meditation tempers our reactions to certain emotions and sensations, helping us to better respond to stressful or difficult situations.

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