Raise your hand if you had to learn how to date virtually via Zoom/FaceTime because of the pandemic!

In this episode, we interrogate... err, interview... Angela's good friend Michael about what his experience was like dating over Zoom during the height of the pandemic, and how that compared with "real" (IRL) dating. We can all imagine the drawbacks that virtual dating can create, but tune in to hear some surprisingly positive outcomes Michael got out of being forced to date in this strange new manner!

If you wait til the end, you'll also get to hear him recount his most standout/horrible Zoom date. Trust us, it's hilarious and worth it!

P.S. If you're based in the LA area and think Michael is cute based on his voice (or if you watched the video episode on YouTube), he is still single so hit us up if you're looking for a Zoom date ;)