But Where Are You Really From?: An Asian-American Struggle
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EP91 Asians in Asia Doing Cool Sh*t ft. Sunbin Yim

Jun 10, 2022

As a twist on our usual "Asians Doing Cool Sht" subtrack, while Angela is living abroad in Asia, we're finding Asians in Asia doing cool sh*t to hear from!

Sunbin is a Korean-born Korean who has split many of her formative/developmental stages going back and forth living in the U.S. and Korea. In this episode, we discuss what her experience has been like as a third culture kid, technically holding a Korean passport, but feeling culturally more American. 

While most Asian-Americans we've talked to who have lived both in the motherland and in the U.S. have usually lived a more cleanly split life (i.e., grew up in the motherland, moved to the States as an adult), Sunbin's trajectory was a lot more complex. Having grown up in the U.S. from ages 18 months to 11 years old, moved back to Korea for middle school and high school, back to the U.S. for college, then Korea again as an adult for work... it's a whirlwind just trying to keep up! Tune in to hear her perspective on things like struggles with being accepted for how she speaks her native tongue, the importance of immersion and truly understanding each culture, academics and work as a returning "foreigner," and so much more!

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