Have you been following the recent cascade of dumpster fires in the crypto space where the entire ecosystem has been taking one beating after another, first with the crash of Terra, followed shortly by the Celsius fiasco? (Don't worry if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Read on...)

Though the crypto hype has been real for quite some time now, many people still don’t know much about what crypto really is or why people care about it. In this episode, we finally invited Angela’s husband Ramon to join the show to explain crypto to us like we’re 5 years old!

We go over so many fundamental topics, like what crypto is backed by/what gives it value, what exactly the blockchain is and what miners do, what web 3.0 is, what digital property rights are and why we don't currently own any of our own information online, the benefits and downsides to crypto (including debunking several myths!), and so much more!

You can follow Ramon on Twitter at @ramonrecuero and learn more about the crypto investment platform he's building at http://babylon.finance (Twitter: @BabylonFinance)

Note: This episode is NOT financial advice. All content is meant to be educational and informative, but always do your own research before investing in anything.