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Content additions for Snow and Grooming

Feb 05, 2021

A few extras have been added the snow, home and grooming pages. Here's an update on the new content:

Snow and home pages:

Below the main snowfall numbers, you'll now find additional mountain related information which is provided by Whistler Blackcomb:

Lower down on the page just above the David Jones video section, you'll find a mountain information event. Whistler Blackcomb provides a series of tips or snippets of mountain related information known as events. One random even will appear in this section:

The view more link will take you to the full list of mountain information events which is located at:


Grooming page

Run of the day picks for both mountains have been added at the top of the grooming page.

As a fun twist, I've added a random first name from some of our coffee supporters for this site. Each time you refresh the page, a new random name will appear:

It's just a fun way of saying thank you to our supporters. If you don't want your first name to appear here, drop me a note: [email protected] or @whistlerbrad on twitter and I'll have it removed.

Hope you enjoy the new content additions and thank you for your support.

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