After a discussion with Meteorologist David Jones, wind direction is always the direction from which the wind is blowing. A good way to think about this is "a cold north wind" which obviously comes from the north. A north wind is 0deg or 360deg when reading from the weather plot.

If north is 0 degrees, a compass arrow indicating that the wind is blowing from the north should point in the opposite direct, at 180 degrees. That correctly indicates wind is blowing from the north and towards the south.

Here's an example with 7th Heaven, the wind direction is North East. The arrow now correctly shows the wind is originating from NE and blowing in the opposite direction:

When viewing the plot page, wind direction is included as text and with a direction arrow:

I've corrected the wind direction arrows as of Saturday February 6th in morning at around 8:30am. When the arrows were introduced, they were pointing in the direction of where the wind was originating. Example, north was pointing directly up at 0deg. That points to the wind source, not the blowing direction.

The weather plot pages have always stated the correct wind direction. It's the recent addition of arrow indicators that were represented incorrectly. All arrows have now been reversed to show the blowing direction.