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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

The idea is that the coffee will cost you $1.44  so i have set the membership on $2.00 so that after fees this will approximately remain..

IMAGINE, how cool is it if i would never have to charge to assist someone in their healing journey, or balancing process self realisation etc etc.. meaning i can do sessions and make activations, art for the activations, videos of the whole thing, music activation dance tracks, and also commissioned light codes or activations can all be free.. so that it can be the purest vibration that goes into the "work" .. ART is only art when there is no goal to be achieved, heart is the real word but we say art, meaning the reason why one is into art should never depend on money and if it pays the bills.. What i am trying to say is that we are living in a world where we need to have work in order to pay the bills and so it doesn't matter what u will be doing because the bills demand a different attitude.. we now are waking up to facts that point us towards the falseness of society and how we are going against mother nature day in and day out...

So I will share all i have here on this page and will share links to other places of past works / activations / etc..

I will be sharing live sessions or recorded ones of shamanic balancing sound & light alchemy conscious process, self realisation satsangs / gatherings / talks sessions etc.. / Feedback on these sessions and meetings .. and much more to be announced in a next phase... 

I see a retreat some day where people can come to be with us and we fly in the colleagues that are needed for that special event session workshop masterclass .. a week or month with me privately.. imagine..

until enough ones have joined and all can be freely one can approach me on a contribution based exchange for sessions activations talks and commissioned work, design or video, audio | personalised activations meditations (Vibrational Medicine) consisting of Toning Light Language Soul Talk & Conscious Pointings for AMbodiment to activate rebalancing / healing 

All art and codes for General Activations past present and future are available free on our website and soon here as well if that is possible ..

You are free to put them on a shirt as long as you don't sell it, it must remain free, and if not honoured it will backfire immediately in all areas of life..this is the power of frequency.. Integrity will unlock the true powers in these codes and the wearer will see and feel effects as well as the ones seeing the codes as you wear them on a shirt or a hoody or whatever you can think of.. 

All ART is channeled by many Galactic Beings / Star Family members / aspects of Self

The video is a feedback of a first contact with self Discovery / Realisation and she was blown away by what she experienced..

to give u an idea of how fast someone can experience a shift when pointed in the right direction..that is self discovery, to be pointed to what you always are and always will be... this is feedback after 1 afternoon, 4 hours of speaking sharing and self inquiry, self discovery.. after 30 minutes of this meditation exercise she reached a place she was never ever before and so epic and revealing... see where her fears went .. 

And they just came to visit and we got to talk and then .. see more here 

Michael WhiteFeather

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