Masculine Feminine ..created out of one drawn code.. the source,
LIONS GATE 8.8.2021 | Naked Heart INfinity Consciousness Codex.

one of the many codes I been creating these days, video activation light language toning and visuals ..coming soon

12 Angelic Human Tribes, Co-Guardians of Earth's Planetary Templar Complex

there are 12 higher self aspects of us around the One in body.

tWElve Around the One

12 cells with 12 codes

12 Emerald Covenant cdt plates

12 strands dna

12 is the magic number

From finite light to infinite light


Divine Union within Self and LOVE RELATIONS

With love from Guardians of the 22 Galaxies of the MUltiGalactic Diamond | Emerald Guardians Earth | My multidimensional selves guides elementals nature the animal kingdom . . .

I am a Source Code Guardian, a system buster ... light can deceive but sound cant, listen to these vibrations and tell me what u see..

taken from original 8.9 lionsgate designs 2019... reworked and new kaleido cuts