Dear tribe,

I received  “unusual calls” on the 11th and on the 12th of October, and it was a strong message to stop all iI am doing, meaning all the 3d stuff, assisting people, workshops, asking exchange for services etc, sharing the status quo on what’s being found in the V’s and all that..Everything that keeps us stuck in tis game, movie, matrix,,,

I  have had this call for quitte some time now, actually both Tal and me have been feeling this for a year or two at least, but we were like many engaging the 3d reality playing out… 

so I have canceled the retreat with me that I had just put out, I already had 10 participants for my first group ever..
I am completely going on another direction, I am canceling the buy me a coffee page as well and also the patreon - page, all will be freely available on light walker website when it is updated. 

I am quitting all that is connected to this old 3d matrix system, so also from all sorts of groups on fb and telegram, so don’t be offended, its not personal.. “it” wants us to be engaged… Money is not to be created in this way any longer, its old… I knew this long ago, but am lone ranger kind of… I have done most of  my work free of charge as I never cared about money, its not easy sometimes to not be in the system but yet to be in it lol…money is needed, no matter how we look at it, but there is a way to create it and not to have to be a slave, and be feeding the system..we are conscious beings ..creator gods

I will be focussing my attention to other work and my art, music codes videos .. in other words moving into creation mode, disconnecting from the 3d movie matrix ..and start informing the net in my way instead of responding to what is happening or out there…it matters where we put our energy, and so i am going off radar, disengaging completely from the movie and even from observing it as, my amazing lovelight partner, Tal said so in Todds show a while back… Its done, what was i thinking lol… nothing of the old will return or have any effect, the new is here, now..are we ?

The truth is, you all do not need me, just go inside and find me in you and you in me, what i do i do  by the grace of my super conscious mind guided by my heart, u can heal ur self with thought..delete ur old beliefs by knowing u are god, not the god from the bible, the creative source, you came down from there just as i did in consciousness so we could meet physically and experience kind of a separation but not for real…it was kidsplay make believe… not really !! hahahahah…because I am you and You are me .. i love you all so much and i feel the child in me so alive, yet also the one that needs to move on to do  “new earth”  work, 

The work is no longer in the 3d words and posts news and fighting etc etc…its all done already…the big shift is near, we can’t help others any longer, we need to step into our roles of divine creator gods, those that created this Time Matrix, its us, we are it all, so wear your family armour of SOUL, you are ready, just imagine and have the correct beliefs ..if any !! 

I have shared info of Ashayana, it is big and will give u a clear overview of who we are…now, we don’t have to do even all the activations of her and others to arrive at a certain point .. its all old, 5D is here, its all here, you see, all dimensions at once 1728 incarnates at once… 

You don’t need anything or anyone any longer, just ur conscious awareness, paying attention…funny huh ? i was offering this workshop, not realising it is 3d, and so i keep you in 3d as well…. the books of Ashayana are just a guide to inner stand the mechanics of who we are and where we are.. the real science… and i love science, all works according to a principle, keylontic science.. this will help u see what is activated already and what is not …and so activate yourself more by actualising your self… So take from it the science, it is who we are

In Love

PS thank you so much for ur trust and interest for those who wanted to share space, i will still be doing art and music and meet with those only who are in a certain Christos Avatar Consciousness, and who knows what else, for now silence… so i can hear