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Hi there! 👋🏼

Thanks for checking out the Fretonator!

I’m a qualified music teacher that (somehow) ended up working as a lead software engineer (it’s a long story), and I'm now Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify.

My husband is a phenomenal guitarist, and over the past few years has worked on learning modes and scale theory for the guitar (with a little help from me). Obviously, the internet is great for this kind of stuff, but what he felt the world wide web was lacking was an interactive and informative tool to could use in his practice sessions that had everything he needed on one single page.

Enter the Fretonator!

The Fretonator is your new interactive tool for learning common modes on the guitar, understanding the chord theory behind the modes, and most importantly - having a jam.

Fretonator is open source, and I am gratefully welcoming feedback from musicians, pull requests from software engineers, and anything else you are willing to contribute.

Thank you and happy jamming! 🎸


p.s. The Fretonator is free and always will be! 🙌🏼