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I build, launch, code and write publicly. Run product/community strategy for tech cos.

My name is Zoe Chew, a product builder in tech & design. My app has been featured on Product Hunt #1, Lifehacker and tech blogs in 7 countries.

I run a "Build & Launch" newsletter that shares toolkit about building things: startup MVP, nocode, books & productivity. Join me :)

I build micro tools to solve my own problems:

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Thomas Güttler
Thomas Güttler bought a coffee.

Thank you for the Django allauth introduction. BTW the quotation marks are wrong (your snippet). BTW, I am looking for feedback. What do you think about this text:

KaivanDave bought a coffee.

I'm learning a lot from you and thank you for sharing the knowledge. 

Hey Kaivan, thanks so much! I'm sooo glad to hear you found those resources helpful! 🙏

Jake Holland
Jake Holland bought a coffee.

Thanks for a nice write-up, it was very helpful.

Hey Jake, thanks so much for sending ☕️and your kind note! Glad to hear you find values from the post/article!

Craig Craig Crossland
Craig Craig Crossland bought a coffee.

Hey Craig, thanks so much for sending ☕️! Appreciate it :)

Someone bought a coffee.

Hey there, thanks so much for sending ☕️! Appreciate it :)