A couple of weeks ago, I posted to Veganhaven Instagram page that all the 'coffee money' we receive would go to the animals.

That week, we received 20€ here on BMC and direct 20 (thanks sis!). We personally added in 60€: Together we gave 100€ to The Animal Academy Refugio - shelter for farm animals in Fuerteventura, where we spent an amazing week volunteering.

We wanted to raise some $ to support them as much as we can. And thought this would be a good opportunity for people to join our supporter community as well.

But literally no one from Instagram supported us - no new supporters. It’s kinda frustrating and sad to ask and expect anyone to buy even one ‘coffee’ to support the blog (and in this case also an animal sanctuary). I don't like asking for monetary support and understand no one wants to give money to strangers on the Internet - but hey, if you follow and know my blog, we are not strangers!

How dare I ask for money when there are worse things going on in the world, like war, I know. But I hope people donate a little something to animals sanctuaries as well. Like here, the hay prices have gone up due to war, like the food prices etc. in Europe.. everyone is just trying to get by :( it's tough even for animal sanctuaries that run on donations to raise enough sometimes. Even a 2€ (actual average price of a coffee) - helps a lot, if you can afford!

Buy Me a Coffee is a legit platform, I receive the money directly. They take 5% of the income. I can also provide a PayPal option, but they have a fee too. I don't have Patreon as they have monthly paid memberships and I prefer one-time support payments and the concept of a friendly 'buy me a coffee'. I’ve had this support page for over a year and again literally NO one would support if I don’t ask or giveaway something. sigh

Only 10% of followers see my posts, anyway (according to insights). Those few who see it - most ignore and others think someone else will donate and in the end no one really does 🤷 If own friends and followers don’t support us, then I don’t know who will. I know I shouldn’t expect anything from Instagram. And I should definitely share on other platforms too.

*waiting for people to 'Buy me a Coffee'

Sorry if I come across a bit mad, it was just frustrating for me to ask support over the week only to check no one cares. People tend to think that being a travel blogger means you are rich. Why would I need any support when I'm going about travelling? Truth is, I’m always near broke after a trip. We made 2 trips abroad in a year and I've spent most of my savings on travel. I could not travel at all and save money but then I would have nothing to share with you and no experiences to write about!

If anyone wants to support the journey and Veganhaven blog, you’re always welcome to buy me a coffee here anytime! :)


Nandita from Veganhaven