Something as simple as having a coffee and whiling away time in a café.. that's something I miss.

These last 12 months started to take its toll and everyday raises the question - can we go back to how it used to be? (and I don't mean going back to our ruthless ways of exploiting animals and destroying nature. But to life as we knew it, in the good ways.)

Let me start with the things I miss right now.

I miss the all the possibilities of travel - goes without saying. I would have already booked a flight to someplace warm and sunny by now if the situation wasn't so confusing. I spent half the day going through the travel rules in EU, what's required and what's not and came to the conclusion that it's too complicated and maybe I need to wait a bit more. Also, getting a negative test certificate before departure costs some.

I miss live music. This has been something missing from my life for a bit too long now and I feel like a part of my soul is dying. I used to go to concerts and festivals often and I miss the music, the energy, the atmosphere, my favourite artists. I miss going out. Like really going out. Not for a walk or to the grocery store. But to my favourite places in the city. Lunching out or weekend dine outs. Going to the movies. It's not often I would go to the movie theatres in Finland but still. Some Friday nights in the city, in a Karaoke bar just listening to people sing, going to dance in Molly Malones or Navy Jerry's (they closed ;(

I missed volunteering. I had plans to volunteer/ workaway abroad, which didn't happen. I haven't even been to the local animal shelter.. last time I checked, they were closed. I used to spend time with the cats there. I miss sports, still waiting for it to be warm enough to exercise outdoors and go biking but right now sports and gym facilities are closed. I miss events and activism. There have been no public events happening in Helsinki since the last year. I used to go to the big ones like Helsinki Coffee festival, Vegemessut (vegan fair) and the Vege Street fair - it was so much fun. Also basically any other events.. I miss those and meeting friends plus new people there - these kind of events have been very important for social life in Helsinki and that's been missing. I miss being out in the city. I miss the vegan restaurants that closed down!

What do you miss right now?