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Today it is "Dia da Espiga" here in Portugal, a beautiful tradition in which we go out into the flowered fields of May to harvest different plants and create a beautiful bouquet that we hang upside down over our main door at home to bring good luck and fortune, food and wine on the table, health and love, and all the good things in life!

I love this tradition and to incorporate it into my cyclical life brings me joy and connection to the place I inhabit and my Ancestors. Last year, I wrote a blog post at my website all about it, including the meaning of each plant harvested and why it is so important to keep traditions like this alive. You can read the full blog post + see my espiga from last year here.

Bellow I share a current pic of my old espiga - now all brown and dry - and the newly harvested espiga that is now hanging over our home entrance. How beautiful, isn't it? 😊

Is there a similar tradition where you live? I would love to hear about it! I love the fact that so many of these traditions actually overlap in many different places and end up having similar meanings. Feel free to share on the comment section bellow (or in my original blog post here) or via Instagram if you know of any other folk custom with similarities to Dia da Espiga. Thank you for reading and happy Spring! 🌸🌿