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I am an artist and a rider. I love exploring, feel surprised, fall in love with what I see when I paint as well as when I travel by motorbike. It gives me the sense of the infinite, possibilities, space, beauty, love, happiness ….. 

° I have been a JEWELRY MAKER for over 10 years with my own shop in the city center of Florence (closed one year after the pandemic started)

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instagram @gioiellidicamilla


Painting has been my dream since I was 12 years old, but never did it.

I started PAINTING with WATERCOLORS back in 2017 and fell in love just by watching the colors spreading in the water like it was magic. Since then I have been dividing my time between Watercolors and jewelry, until the lockdown.

I took a year Art school (2019-2020) to improve my skills as VISUAL ARTIST.

I have been practicing drawing and painting since then everyday on my own

I recently started exploring and experimenting with acrylics.

I have been also working on my website

👉 ready soon 🎉

updating instagram 👉 @camillapistolesi_art

° I am A RIDER

In February 2019 I thought about driving a motorcycle, in May 2019 I bought a motorcycle and in August I fell in love with MOTOTRAVEL 💘

👉 MOTO/TRAVEL blog at

instagram 👉 @wildcami2020

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