Ummm, does anything more really need to be said? This picture is worth more than a thousand words - it’s priceless! That is, in depicting what most modern footwear does to your feet - deform and destroy their function, form and integrity!

And people wonder why they have foot, knee, hip, back, neck issues?

Look no further to your shoes and footwear - that most likely are hampering your feet's function and damaging their beautiful, natural form; and, since everything is connected, affecting how all of the rest of your body parts function and their form as well...

{ and don't even get me started on high heels ~ and folks think barefooting is strange? Boy have we strayed afar from what is healthy and natural these days }

Let me ask - you don't cram your hands into tight coffin boxes and straitjackets and attempt to function throughout your day, do you? If you did on a regular basis, they too would become deformed and their function severely altered. So, why do this to your feet?

Our feet have the most nerve endings in our body aside from our lips and hands, as well as 1/4 of the bones in our body.

That tell you something?

You bet! They are meant to move, meant to to feel and directly inform/instruct our brains how to move our body safely and gracefully; meant to sensate and feel Earth breathe...

And hey, I'd go as far to say, it should be considered child abuse smashing young ones' feet into shoes at a critical stage where they are learning how to move. (((-;

{ but, it's not most of our faults where we have not been taught properly while being force fed certain programming that we somehow need more and more support and cushioning, and thus simply remain ignorant and in the dark to certain truths - ever learning and growing are we }

Two words left for ya:

Xero Shoes

Check ‘em out here, and save your feet and body!

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Well, so much for nothing needing to be said, huh?

{ photo courtesy of @rewilding_dad over on Instagram }