The events of our life are generated by our thoughts. Bad thoughts are a concentrate of fears and negative emotions (anger, hatred, jealousy, guilt, despair, etc.), and therefore are very dangerous. A single thought "they do not love me" can cause many serious illnesses, because this fear blocks the Muladhara chakra, the basis of life energy.

The fear of not being loved still arises in childhood or rather, in the prenatal period. According to some psychologists, if the mother mentally rejects the baby without suspecting she is pregnant, in the first month, the baby risks becoming an adult smoker; the desire to have an abortion in the second month would give birth to a potential alcoholic; if this thought persists in the mother in the third month of pregnancy, as an adult there is a risk of mental disorders ..

... We get fat when we are defenseless, we want to achieve unattainable goals. The cause of being overweight in women is often self-pity, the feeling of not being loved. Sometimes the weight increases due to a suppressed anger directed at the parents.

... Heart disease arises from feelings of guilt, repressed love, the absence of perspectives.

... Heart attacks and strokes are the diseases of those who "fight" against life, and the majority of those who have died of these diseases are men who would like to go forward by any means, without allowing themselves to express emotions in moments of weakness.

... Diseases of the respiratory system (asthma, bronchitis) arise because of resentment. Children often have sore throats in families where they fight (they can't change the situation).

... Diseases of the brain, psychic illnesses, are caused by the conflict between the mind and feelings.

... Leg problems arise in people dissatisfied with life.

... Spine problems have those who have chosen the wrong life and realize it.

... Everything that hurts on the right side is connected to female energy (look for a grudge against a woman), and everything that hurts on the left is connected to a grudge against a man.

... The mood influences the course of the disease and all of life. Try to change the way you feel, and you will see that life will improve.