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Hi! I’m 23 yo and I make free custom dogs and puppies painting on demand. Just ask me if you want one!

Welcome everyone!

I'm Laura or windie as you like ?

I'm soooo in love with dogs and especially puppies. I decided to create an art account to express both of my passions ?

If you want a custom portrait for your dog just ask me, it's FREE! ?

To make an order, wait first for a post on instagram or here (I will only take 1 portrait/week for now, maybe more later). Then just send me an email [email protected] or from my instagram page with pictures of your dog(s), with an accessorie like a scarf or a toy if you have one. You can choose the background and add a stamp if you want, just tell me ? You will receive the finished piece within a week ?

If you want and can, you can buy me a coffee to support me ?

Love you all! ?❤️