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Entrepreneur Burnout

Dec 02, 2020

Burnout is one of the largest hazards in entrepreneurship, with good reason. It's often difficult to avoid, however, because starting and growing a business is a lot like raising a child - it's your baby!

So it's easy to hold on tightly to every aspect of the business, wearing ALL the hats and maintaining control over every tiny little thing.

But over time, what happens?
☢️You end up spending most of your time taking care of emails, social media, website, marketing, writing, etc.
☢️You start to feel more and more disorganized.
☢️You spend too much time fiddling with and tweaking the eleventy-million platforms you're using.
☢️You can't keep up with tech advances.
☢️You're exhausted, and your family has almost forgotten what you look like, because they never see you.

What do most of those⬆️ things have in common? They have nothing to do with actually making money - they're activities that are preventing you from growing your business. And what happens with lack of growth? ➡Lower revenue potential.

So how can you avoid business burnout?
✅Prioritize your most important tasks.
✅Map out your goals.
✅Delegate non-revenue-generating tasks.

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