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wind-up mice is an art & literary journal founded by two friends who met in berlin. we want to publish distinct voices, unforgettable imagery, your experiments. we love blending forms until they are unrecognizable. we seek the intimate, the mystical within mundanity. give us your thoughts on the evening train. your daydreams, lying half-awake on a sunbeam. give us the surreal—twisting the commonplace into a haunting haziness. the ephemeral. sunday afternoons in the kitchen, listening to the rain tap on your window. we believe music & writing go hand-in-hand & curate themed playlists for you to seek inspiration during each submission period. our goal is to print tangible copies for you to hold in your hands!

our journal is completely volunteer-run. as a new press, we would gladly appreciate any support! all love letters go directly towards funding our print issues and eventually paying our contributors. we want to keep our own domain name to be easily found during google searches. we aim to create an open space for young writers to thrive as well as to commend established ones. thank you so much for your love and support! 

patrons receive:

$5 | expedited 24-hr submission decision 

$15 | + complimentary print issue

$20+ | + listed as patron in print issue

$100+ | + complimentary wind-up mice tote bag

love always,

the wind-up mice team