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I am a freelance photographer based in the UK.  I organise and run photography workshops, I shoot a mixture of commercial and private work.    I also run a free photo group called Coffee & Cameras, we normally meet on a monthly basis but with the current crisis we are not able to.  As a replacement for this I am setting a weekly photo challenge and then reviewing the submitted images live on Facebook on Monday evenings at 7.30pm GMT

Kamin Parkin
Kamin Parkin bought a coffee.

Thank you Kamin 

Kamin Parkin
Kamin Parkin bought a coffee.

Appreciate the coffees and cameras group 🙂

Grace Azadvar-Smith
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Thank you for continuing to run Coffee & Cameras. Your comments are always very helpful and it's all good fun!

Katie Barker
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For your time, your expertise, comments and for the laughter each night...I thank you.

Thank you Katie, I am really enjoying this and will continue with the challenges. I'm so pleased that everyone likes what I am doing.

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Thank you Gilbert