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Process the distress of waking up (1-1 work)


We live in challenging times. And amidst the chaos, many of us long for a different world. We have a longing for the land, for something deeper and more profound and perhaps even for something magical.

I believe it’s reasonable to feel depressed and anxious in these times because we’re living in ways that are disconnected from the natural world, from the land, from our humanity and from deeply important ancient, spiritual practices and ways of being. I believe that indigenous wisdom, knowledge about how to heal, how to be resilient and live in a more natural and grounded way is something that we have lost and desperately need.

And when we begin to realise this, when we begin to wake up from the matrix, when we begin to see that things could and perhaps should be different, that’s a whole other level of distress and trauma. The very relationships that used to support us can become painful sources of conflict and disconnection. If the people around us haven’t taken the red pill…how do you even communicate anymore?

We are living in a time where modern science is supporting what indigenous cultures and ancient teachings have been saying all along. There are absolutely fascinating, awe inspiring, magical and incredibly empowering discoveries being made about who we are and how this universe works. This is my humble and passionate attempt to bring that knowledge and wisdom forward. Yet if we remain unaware of these ideas or if we only think about them in our heads without feeling them in our hearts and practicing them with our bodies, it makes the world seem like a dull and depressing place.

But if we can engage with this wisdom, not only does it serve to bring light to the darkness so that we may feel comfort and safety, it imbues us with resilience, strength, and an ability to face challenges, and to do so with an open heart.

This is a place to articulate what you may have not been able to put your finger on. And while this can be empowering, it also comes with a need to know how to soothe the discomfort that comes up when we realise uncomfortable truths.

This is as much about ideas as it is about learning and developing our ability to work through the things that are emotionally distressing to us so that we can breath easily throughout the day and fall asleep at night.

It's about connecting to our past and our ancestors so that we may draw on that strength in the face of the massive challenges we face.

It’s about engaging with profound practices so that we can communicate and connect with others at a human level instead of being ‘friends’ on social media.

It’s about engaging with ideas that are not part of the dominant narratives and opening our minds.

Roots are unseen yet vital. They are connections, they are what keep trees standing tall. They are mirrored in the branches above. They symbolise the web of life that indigenous people so have often talked about. A web that modern science is now acknowledging as true. These connections are also in the stars. And when a tree becomes sick, it is wise to look at the roots.

A final thought: what if the challenges we face in modern times that seem so unnatural and impossibly huge, are an initiation? What if it’s a process which requires us to look deep within ourselves and our past to prevail? And that without these great challenges, we would not develop our wisdom or consciousness or kindness to the degree that we are perhaps destined to?

My name is Hugo Ménard. I’m trained in a number of methods that work with the mind-body, and are also backed by modern science. These are methods that often fuse modern science with more ancient practices. They have been found to be extremely potent for addressing emotional and psychological traumas, and they have a strong focus on bringing about health and wellbeing within our system.

While this is the core of my knowledge, this is a place where I explore methods and practices that go beyond that and connect us to something hopefully even more profound.

If you would like to say hi, ask me a question etc, I would love to hear from you. I’m based in Melbourne Australia, and you can email me at: [email protected]