One day, it occurred to me that there is a LOT of plant energy on fridays and saturdays. Because there is a drug dispensary every half block now where I live, those are popular party days. When you consume a plant it is very much like invasion of the body snatchers. This actually goes for ANYTHING you eat or inhale. The main difference is that dispensaries sell mind altering substances. Which means the plant has just as much control over your brain as you do if not more.

I spend a lot of time taking care of our fauna and I feel like I have established a rapport with a few of them. I have noticed that trees will send images and plants will vibrate almost like white noise. So I wondered one day if they would understand me if I tried to communicate back. Normally, I try talking to them using speech and sometimes that works and sometimes it does not. This time I decided to try using images and feelings instead, when one of our pot headed neighbors uber blasted a two hour round of heavy death metal music to help them trip out to whatever substance they had filled their crack pipe with that weekend. I picked up my wand (really just a makeshift incense stick) and I aimed a heavy dose of seething rage at the bastards. It worked. They literally stopped playing their music within a matter of moments. I had discovered a new super power.