Tools you will need: coffee cans, leftover scraps of everything, glue, imagination

Here are a few things I actually put into my upcycled coffee cans: cough drops, left over fast food condiments and napkins, kitchen tools like measuring cups and can openers, tongs, pizza cutters, incense cones and sticks as well as matches, scotch tape, sewing supplies ,makeup.

Here are a few ways I actually decorate all my coffee cans. I use stickers, necklaces, headbands that don't fit my head the right way, flowers, cheap stones from the dollar tree. Anything that has been setting around and collecting dust.

Here's why I do this:

!. Plastic is pretty sturdy, most store bought organizing baskets are made out of plastic anyways.

  1. The actual shape is awesome. I have very limited space to work with. Just because I don't live in a mansion doesn't mean that I can't be surrounded by beauty.

  2. It let's me tell a story that I actually care about. I noticed upon watching and listening to people who really do have a lot of wealth attempt to describe their homes that they sounded like they were museum tour guides. That narrative just doesn't resonate with me.

  3. This allows me to participate in the basic fundamental principles of the universe, which are create, order, destroy. My ancestors believed that nothing should be wasted. They recognized the chaotic nature of this world. I find that to be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Seriously, that's some heavy shit right there. Our modern world has adopted this aspect of the culture of my ancestors into it's own society. We have tuned into the barely audible whisper of what has always been the truth. Life is unpredictable.