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Hi, I'm witsec! 👋

Among other things, I like creating extensions for Mobirise, to make a nice product even nicer :). My extensions are always free, I simply enjoy making them.

Feel free to drop a hello on my website. Or buy me a coffee or sandwich.

See you!

Daniel Beckett
Daniel Beckett bought 5 coffees.

Thansk for the extensions :-)

Someone bought a coffee.

Thanks for your support! ☕️

Daniel bought 5 coffees.

Hello Thank for your great Extensions what i need... i hope for booking calender (hotel)  😘 👍 😉  Thank you Mark

Sounds great, Daniel! Thanks for the coffees, I really appreciate that 🎉

William O'Donnell (Xserve2)
William O'Donnell (Xserve2) bought 5 coffees.

Great service and extensions Mark - Much appreciated

Hi William, thanks a lot for your generous donation! I'm glad it's working great for you 😊

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Very generous, thank you so much! ☕️

Hi Mark, you are welcome, Anton