Hey Wastelanders!

Grimm Grinner here, on all channels. So I announced in my recent Instagram Live that I'd like to get enamel pins made of the Welcome To The Wastes logo. This has been something I've been wanting to do for a while, but costs are pretty hefty for something like that.

So, I'm setting a goal through donations here on Buy Me A Coffee to help me get a small run of pins made! The big goal is $300 to help cover the production of about 50 pins, including shipping and other fees involved.

How can you help?

Simply donate any amount you can afford, and you'll be helping hit that goal!

Donations of $20 and up will get a pin being sent directly to you when I have them made.

Donations of lower amounts will receive whatever bonuses I have attributed, but I will also send a coupon code your way to get 50% off a pin when I have them available online.

Every bit counts towards the goal, and you'll have my eternal thanks for helping with this dream!

See you in The Wastes!