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Why buy me a coffee?

Let's face it: We all pay for content. You pay for it through the massive number of ads and popups you see in a news article (for stuff you'd never want to buy). Or through the five commercials you must endure to watch a 10-minute YouTube video. Or though the affiliate link (in the suspiciously giddy review) that they want you to click on and buy. Or in giving up your browsing data through cookies.

Instead of running you through that gauntlet of third-party monetization to get to my content, I just ask that one thing: If you like what you read on my blog, or see in my videos, or find my inexpensive eBooks (like the one above) useful, please consider buying me a coffee to keep the content and updates free. Your support is much appreciated.

Gareth Williams
Gareth Williams bought a coffee.

Hey Gareth, thank you so much for the java.

@rosboundy bought a coffee.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. Hits home to me in it's honesty. Thank you.

I'm mesmerized by your generosity.  : ) Thank you. I assume you mean this one on not selling your soul to make a buck:  As more technology for monetizing content comes down the pike, I've gotten in the habit of asking myself: "Will people view this practice as evil in 5 years?" It's been really helpful for keeping my nose clean.

THOMAS bought a coffee.

Zikes man. Thank you for the coffee.

Norma bought a coffee.

Hey Norma, Thank you so much for the coffee. I really appreciate it.

John Townsend
John Townsend bought a coffee.

Hey John, so kind of you to buy me a coffee. Thank you.

My pleasure!THANK YOU! I particularly loved your RED PANDA Tensor piece as well as the DIttoX4 looper tricks. So little out there with that kind of insight.Look fwd to what you come up with next!

Glad you liked them. Nice to know the more in-depth articles are being well received.