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Glad to see you here!! Hope you choose to support and we will keep creating great CONTENT!!! Thanks "WOLFMAN" and "THE TICK"
Berserker Nick
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there's a possibility that some custom Compzerker stickers might be headed your way in the next couple weeks so the anti-budget Compzerker build can be properly badged, along with a few extras for possible giveaways 😎🤙

Hey BERSERKER! That sounds wonderful man, needs some badging ha ha!! Thank you for the Coffees brother👍👍way cool. Drunken Ebay!!! Lol 

kenneth young
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hey jeramiah,if you give me a shout out,my real name( kenny young)my aunt might buy some more bike parts,using your links,im looking at cranks right now,WAHOOOOOOOOO

Kenneth man thank you so much!! Very awesome and we will be giving you a shoutout!!Thank you for using our affiliate links, they help a little as well:) Have fun and email us @[email protected] if you would like some stickers!! Please add(Kenny Young) in the subject

Biker Joe
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Say something nice.. (Bwak Bwak Bwakaak)

You are killing us Martin!! Ha  ha thank you so much once again man!! Will be giving you and Natalia a shout!! Let us know if you need some more stickers, later Buddy!! BWAKAAK!!!

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Enjoy the cup of coffee guys! Bill

Hey man!! Thank you so much for the coffee again BILL!! LOL  We thank you very much and it will be going right into our channel 👍👍