Natalia Corres

1 December 2022

Dec 01, 2022

The dream:

I am at a very bustling bus station. It feels like it might be the 60's judging from the variety of clothing...maybe the late 60's because on a big fat tv with a teeny screen, I can hear a discussion about NASA. And the women and men are in everything from 50's housewife with bubble dos, to ragged jeans and tie die. I even spot a leather fringe vest.

I am travelling with two guys, one is in handcuffs. The other is my counterpart in the company we work for. I glance at my dark grey duster and I have the same insignia over the heart. Three fists each holding the other by the wrist in a sort of triangle - Gold, Silver, and Copper; with a six pointed star in the center. My co-worker grunts out that I should buy the tickets for transport and that he'll leave the "asset" cuffed to the light pole.

After some struggling through the crowds I get our tickets, we're headed to Tombstone, and looking at the destination, I somehow reflect on the supernatural prison that exists there. I come back out to the sidewalk to find the "asset" has shifted to wolf form, except for his wrists and hands, where he is still cuffed to the light pole. I stifle a laugh, and man who is watching threatens to call the NAASP. That is the National Association for the Advancement of Supernatural People, and I flash my badge, and offer to give him their 800#.

Then I reach into my duster pocket (this one has very deep pockets) and they are like the "bag of holding" in D&D. I pull out a huge dog crate, complete with water bottles and manage to get the "asset" into the crate. Once his cuffs are off he is completely transformed to a wolf. But the crate is made of the same stuff the cuffs are made of, and now that he's a wolf he cannot transform back.

The porters help me load him onto the bus, and I make a call to my boss to let him know we are on our way. He sends me a new bounty, and says to let the "asset" go as luggage, he'll have someone pick him up along the route. I get a confirmation text from our tracking system that I have completed my assignment, and a new assignment pings in.

It was the guy who threatened to call the NAASP. I look to where he had been standing, but of course he's gone. And worse, he knows who and what I am. This is gonna be "interesting".


Then I wake up. Darn it.

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