Natalia Corres

29 November 2022

Nov 29, 2022

The dream:

I am walking with Dr. Magnus (Amanda Tapping, "Sanctuary" tv series). We are returning from a convention of some kind, to one of her counterpart compounds somewhere in the world. I think we are in Las Vegas, but that is just the "feel" of the place. The compound is surrounded by old buildings, and some Motel/Hotels of various kinds. And huge expanses of black top - but no cars.

As we enter her building, she is urgently telling everyone to pack up and leave, only taking what is most important...not to try to save everything because >they< (not sure who "they" are) will surely destroy everything they can when they get here.

I am thinking a mob of some kind is coming, but I have the sense that they are coming specifically for Magnus and her people. That includes me, and I am looking for my critical stuff (my laptop and a journal or two - which I have already) and I am packing a small carry on type bag for emergency clothing. While everyone else is scurrying around, I am looking for reasonable hiding places in the building, should we have to return here. I come to the conclusion that if the building is still standing and if we return, then something will probably present itself then. Especially if >they< are going to tear things apart and destroy stuff.

Magnus yells for me to come with her, and we have a small argument because I want to take my own car and follow her; but she doesn't want us to separate. In the end, I relent and follow her to one of the Hotel buildings, which is apparently already under siege, windows are broken and mattresses stuffed to block them.

We enter through an old NY Style Chinese restaurant (via the back alley) and through a window down into the kitchen in the basement. From there we go down a laundry chute to a cavern.

There are many caves with school buses and RVs parked, and people loading up. A small blonde woman stops me to tell me about her children and how much she is looking forward to seeing them again. I tell her to be careful "out there".

Magnus has lost her duffle bag somehow and my carry on bag is now a backpack and my stuff is securely strapped to my back. We search through cavern after cavern and cannot find her vehicle. We head back, and she is upset. I spot a diner grill in a side cavern and Bosley (from Charlie's Angels old tv show) is grilling burgers for an Elvis impersonator and a Marilyn impersonator who are seated at the bar. I yell at Magnus to go ask Bosley where her vehicle is. I have to yell, because there is a lot of traffic and car noises echoing around the caverns from all the cars and buses starting up and rolling out.

I turn and there is a booth with very old people sitting staring at menus. One of the elderly men tells me that there's no use trying to outrun >them< if they mean to get you, they will get you.

This is the only point in my dream that I feel anxious. I turn to look for Magnus and she, and the diner is gone.


I wake up. And I am wondering who "they" are.

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