Current Status

Prop Hunt: (Codename) Z currently receives another rewrites. The codes and structures was found to be complicated in aspect for customisability and subclass system.

I also working 4 maps that should be a 'base' & shipped as a default maps for PH:Z. Although you can still use older maps like Restaurant or others, I can't guarantee for compatibility, but will try with my best to make it compatible as possible. (Or making it as 'Classic' compatible)


In this changes I will try to make this gamemode to be compact as possible and (temporarily) removing subclass system. The system will now changes into every player-spawn will receive a random additional power on each rounds. There will be main Power A, B, and Ultimate. The more players in the server that present, the more "power" they will received.

The system is almost identical to "subclass" concept but this time will be given to players by 50% to 75% of total players present in a server. This also needs to be tested again to make sure it meets the expected gameplay rather than difficult and exploitable, and making it sure to be balanced, and keeping the 'classic' as possible.

Another changes are the gamemode's folder structure, core, and levelsystem which is currently are undergoing needs to be retested and changed if they found complicated. This may take another time to finish but I'll want to make sure the gamemode is enjoyable, balanced, and fully customized.

The rest of the concept (like HUD, General Abilities like Prop Beacon, Wiretrap) are still being kept and therefore still trying to improvise the system.

Thought of Migrating to other Game / Engine

From now on, I still have no plans to move this version of Prop Hunt to other mods, game engines or Source 2's S&box, because I have completely no time to relearn the new features & coding language. But if there an opportunity (or once the gamemode is released) there will be a chance that this gamemode will be available for standalone, but this is not guaranteed 100% that will happened.

So for conclusion, I do apologize for a very long wait and I might need another time to get this project done. I also looking for someone who are able to help making this gamemode soon and will be announced once I really seek for it.

Stay tuned!