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Hi, I´m Marta! I have created Womagis, the first book for children written in 18 languages at the same time!

Womagis was at first a book written just on the most spoken languages in the world, but afterwards we decided that we wanted to get even further! So, we released Womagis United States of America, Womagis Germany, Womagis México, Womagis Spain and Womagis United Arab Emirates.

You can enjoy all Womagis versions for free here

Our dream is to keep working to bring Womagis to all the kids around the world and to have a book that join us!

Thanks for your love and support. It matters!

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A kidlit book in 18 languages: Womagis, a word magician around the world!

Apr 19, 2020

Womagis is the first book ever written in 18 languages at the same time. On every page, the position of each language changes, making the book a game at the same time. Besides all the languages at the ... see more

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Francisco José Sánchez Muniz bought a coffee.

La vida no tiene sentido sin los niños

Hemos subido una imagen para ti inspirada en tus palabras. Gracias por el café ☕️ 

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you for your love and support! ❤️ 

Maria bought a coffee.

Such a unique idea! Beautiful story, perfect to enjoy with the small members of the house

Thanks for your support ❤️ and your help spreading the magic ⭐️ 

Someone bought a coffee.

Thanks for your support, may the magic be with you!