' To The Women That I Never Was' is a project to help question who we are and how we draw the lines around identity. 

Culminating in a play of the same name, we are hosting a series of exploratory workshops and talks around harnessing and understanding the subconscious self through creativity, thought and movement.

the workshops will be free but all coffes donated will be split through workshop leaders and supporting artists.

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the project is led by theatre maker and dream practitioner Jo Feijó, in collaboration with Louisa-Mai Küster.

John Evans
John Evans bought 9 coffees.

Loved this set of sessions and workshops, in this period of lockdown dreariness and boredom it literally was something to live for. The ideas and practices were so interesting, and the people I've met have been so cool and friendly. Massive thanks to all the organisers who put it together and the performers. I can't wait to see what the evolution of this work turns out to be, where it goes next. Bravo everyone, well done! *Standing ovation*

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John Evans
John Evans bought 3 coffees.