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Series Introduction :: Field Notes from the Wild Within

Sep 04, 2023

I was a wild child who rarely wanted to stay inside, always out exploring, climbing trees, dancing in fields with sunshine on my face. As I got older (and the traumas of life compounded), I gradually became more hermitted. My journey into the wild became more introverted. I missed the wide open space, but I liked the idea that I could go anywhere, without leaving home.

As someone with a Sagittarius Moon and Rising, exploring the unknown comes naturally to me, but because of the Underworld influences on my chart (Pluto opposing Sun & Venus, Chiron conjunct Venus & Mercury) most of my adventures happen in my inner landscape.

And so.....I've titled this series Field Notes from the Wild Within.

Expect to see a good mix of serious shadow work and tongue-in-cheek comic relief. Thought fragments captured in spoken and written form. Bullet points without a clear narrative arc. Focusing on the essence, rather than the context, will allow me to share my medicine stories as they happen, while still protecting the privacy of myself and others.

 I’m embracing the messiness of this process and trusting the form in the chaos. I will let the fragments speak for themselves and not force them to make sense before they’re ready. This feels like a huge departure from my previous blogging style, and I’m excited to see how this evolves over time.

The beauty of this format is simplicity and spaciousness, releasing me from the stress of pumping out exceptional content on a deadline. Writing becomes a burden when I’m just not feeling it, and I love this work too much to start hating it. So, I'll aim to post regularly*, but I make no guarantees.

 (* to align with my cyclical nature, they will be posted during the waning moon phase, sometime between Disseminating & Last Quarter. My other series, “Mad Sage Speaks” will be posted near the Dark Moon)

 Subjects I'll be talking about include:

  • Living in season

  • Unraveling societal conditioning

  • Dismantling internalized capitalist patriarchy and the cultural mindset of endless production

  • My relationship with Time and my experiences moving in and out of linear time.

  • Neurodivergence (specifically AuDHD)

  • Astrology & Human Design

  • Grounded spirituality

  • Trauma recovery

  • Stories of how I am learning to live in this world as my true self, Spirit in matter, a multiverse walking around in human form.

    The first audio recording is available to the public. It is about the tension in my body being what holds me together and my thoughts on what would happen if I begin to release that tension. It is called “Dissolve

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