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The Mad Sage Speaks #4: The River

Aug 09, 2023

I'm on the lookout for something real

in a sea of masks,

hoping to find

the rare authentic connections

that make me feel so at home

that I forget to wear mine.

I wade into this river of all that is,

trying to ignore the talking points,

the endless arguments,

what's right, what's wrong.

What I refuse to be sticks to me.

One here and there, what do I care?

But before I know it,

those sticks turn to stones

and now the river ceases to flow.

You will never know the ONE TRUE ANSWER,

because there isn't one.

There are many.

How do I know which answer is mine?

Listen to the part of yourself

that has never tasted

a strawberry through human lips,

and yet loves that the potential exists.

Below what is conscious

lies a river of experiences

that you can weave into your existence,

a lifetime of wisdom

lived by someone,



All you have to do is


and then


Let each potential be like

flowers in the garden that you tend

calling out,

inviting you,

to inhale their scent,

from time to time.

Bring all of yourself

into each moment.

And then move on.


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