i like colouring & using art therapy to soothe both heart & mind

i like under-eye masks & night time eye covers

I LOVE FOOT MASSAGES & anything that calms my mind

i like being noticed & appreciated

I like my nostalgic song beats & I like it loud

i like apps that track everything I do, it’s like my very own dear diary

i like shopping, that makes me a little better at work as well as I observe & try to recreate & apply

i like being super organised & getting my stuff up to date including my OS on all gadgets immediately on release

i like a clean home that smells & feels cleaned with little things that make it comfort

i like a cold room where I can use my warm blanket while it’s hot asf outside

I like brand new sneakers

i like not being sick so I can drink cold coffee on hot summer days

on somedays I like not being busy