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Worktree is a small charity of volunteers helping young people work out their future careers by simply answering their questions about their jobs. Ordinarily we would deliver live sessions in schools putting 60 students with 20 guests from the world of work and speed networking them. Due to Covid-19 all schools are shut meaning that we no longer have an income and more importantly can't deliver our sessions to the students. We want to take this opportunity to to create a library of jobs on-line for students to access enabling them to keep up with their Careers education and schools to meet their Gatsby Benchmarks, this will be known as 'Career Snapshots'. Behind the scenes will involve filming and editing job holders answering set questions about their job.There are a couple of added bonuses, 1) this will enable us a charity to engage with job holders that we are unable to physically get into a Career WorkOut and 2) students across the world will have access to this new amazing on-line resource - 'Career Snapshot'

If you have an interesting or unusual job and we would like to take part in this project please go to for further details but in the meantime please buy us a coffee to help with the financial set up and when the world calms down feel free to come and join us in a live session.

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