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Why become a Coin Queen and Support WOW?

Sep 12, 2022

Check out the amazing things that happen when you support Woman-Owned Businesses!

 72% of Woman-Owned businesses don't have the access to capital that is needed to grow their business! Your Coin goes so far as to help promote and encourage women to follow their dreams! women and their communities benefit when they have access to financial support and financial literacy!

Women contributed 1.9 Trillion Dollars in Business Revenue to the US Economy! Women employ 9.4 million people in their businesses! Your coin goes into supporting the hiring of more employees for Woman-Owned Businesses!

90% of Women invest their money directly back into their communities - into healthcare, education, and the next generation! Your coin goes into the WOW community directly! We promote Woman-Owned Businesses, We Coach and Consult, and We Educate and Explore new opportunities together! You are supporting WOW and WOW's mission to put money in the wallets of women with your monthly membership!

By Supporting Woman-Owned Wallet with your Hard-Earned Coin you are contributing to a healthier and more intentional world that will make you say WOW!

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