Self-taught photographer ...well, a "wannabe" photographer.

Hi and welcome to my BMC page!

I'm a 26 y/o self-taught photographer, well only a "wannabe" since I still have a lot to learn about photography!
I love taking pictures of landscapes and scenery in general, animals and nature.

I also love writing and currently I'm trying to overcome my writer's block and return to write short novels like I did until some months ago.
Also, in my free time I love playing videogames and sometimes I do some streams on my Twitch channel.

I'd like to improve my equipment but since I'm still unemployed, I can't afford to spend for it.
If you like my content, please consider supporting what I do: I'll use all proceeds for maintenance & upgrading my equipment! And for actual coffee!

Thank you very much for your support!

You Know Who bought 3 coffees.

Nulla, sono una persona triste e non so che scrivere. Questo è tutto per te.

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Sending lot of love :) <3